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M/Y Loris

M/Y Loris is a 15m long speed yacht from the time before World War One. She is made entirely of varnished mahogany with beautiful fittings and with an exclusive Art Nouveau decòr, complete with real rugs, lace upholstery fabrics and leather seats. The boat was commissioned by Ivar Kreuger and was built in 1913. She is one  of the most lavish and well restored classic yachts that can be found in Sweden. In the cockpit, 8 people are comfortably completely separated from the captain. Between the cockpit and the bridge there is a small lounge with room for 4 guests. It also has a toilet. Her story is exemplary of it`s kind and with 28 knots one of the archipelago`s fastest veteran yachts. Here, the Hollywood stars and Royals of the day have been toasted in champagne with Ivar Kreuger and the financial elite. On board M/Y Loris you get the lovely feeling of true luxury, but at the same time very personal. For the wedding couple who want that ”little extra”, m/y Loris becomes the obvious choice. And for the business event, where dinner is waiting for any archipelago restaurant, your transport can not get better.M/Y Loris has had many prominent guests on board over the years: Greta Garbo, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Bjorn Borg and the Swedish Royal Couple to name a few. Welcome on board!

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Additional Info

Manufactured / Renovated: 1913
Length: 15 meter
Speed (cruising): 15-20 knots
Speed (max): 28 knots
Guests (comfort/max): 8/12
Seated guests (at tables): 8 (max 10)
Seated guests in same room (at tables): 8 +4 guests
Wheelchair accessibility: no