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RIB boats

R.I.B stands for Rigid Inflatable Boat. 40-50 knots, 7-8 boats with a total of 125 guests. Small boats take 12 guests. Large boats takes 24 guests (50 foot) RIB-boats have been used in charter-traffic as well as for rescue-missions, where a reliable, safe and fast boat is needed. RIB-boats are cruising perfect in all weather-conditions, which makes it possible to experience Stockholm by water both summer and winter-season. Every boat is equipped with navigationsystem; GPS and Radar, which makes cruising available, both day and night, sun and fog. Take your business collegues, friends or family on an unforgettable and fast trip out to the archipelago. Combine with a nice dinner at a restaurant close to water. The flexible and experienced staff takes you wherever you desire to go. Warm, waterproof floating-suits, gloves and goggles make your trip comfortable!

Additional Info

Guests (max): 125