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S/V Belle Ami

S/V Belle Ami is a two-masted sailing-ship built in Holland 1915. After a complete restoration she is now in charter business in Stockholm Archepelago. Belle Ami has sailed with numerous companies and organizations on the Baltic Sea and in the archepelago. Conference, training course, company kick-offs and events – all is possible onboard.  To take part in a company meeting or kick-off at sea may be an event you will late forget . All participants are able to work without distraction, in a relaxed environment that also include the latest in conference aid and equipment. The beautiful surrounding scenery will definitely help to stimulate your creativity. Anyone interested in sailing the ship is welcome to participate. Raising a 370 square meter sail will certainly be a task your muscles won’t forget. The crew will teach seamanship and show you how to set and trim sails. Equipped with a restaurant- style kitchen, Belle Ami is the perfect boat for both staff parties and business events. The only limitation to culinary creativity is your own imagination. A buffet-table can be set on deck, a whole lamb roasted over open fire on the beach, or why not try out the cozy dining-room on board. We are glad to give menu suggestions and we are of course licensed to serve liquor on board. Belle Ami is a great sailer and will raise sail as soon as weather and wind permit. Welcome aboard!

Additional Info

Manufactured / Renovated: 1915
Manufactured: in Holland
Length / Beam: 27 meter (inkl. peke 38 m).
Draft: 6,3 meter
Speed (max): 8 knots
Guests (comfort/max): 25/51
Seated guests in same room (at tables): 25
Overnight guests (comfort/max): 18
Conference guests (max): 20
Cabins: 5
Passenger certificate: 51
Wheelchair accessibility: no