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M/S Qrooz

m/s Qrooz is the first charteboat from the “Qrooz boats”and arrived to Stockholm in Augusti 2008 from Holland. This boat have only 0,5 to 1 meter in draft and is therefore ideal for shallow water and narrow channels. It also easy to embark M/S Qrooz from an island cliff beacuse the smart bow construction. This boat have a top modern interior together with an open and light plan from bow to stern. The galley is right next to the dining area and the guests will see what the chief is preparing. This charterboat is the natural choice for the exacting and responsible client. All products are selected and most of the vegetables and meet is ecological and is produced from close by.Fish and seafood is “green marked” of WWF.  Even the impressive wine list have many ecological and biodynamical bottles. We recommend up to 20 seated guests for lunch or dinner at two tables. For coctails or finger food/buffé we can take up to 40 guests. Welcome onboard!

Additional Info

Manufactured / Renovated: 2007
Length / Beam: 25 meter / 5 meter
Draft: 1,0 meter
Guests (comfort/max): 20-40 / 65 guests
Seated guests in same room (at tables): 20 guests
Passenger certificate: 65 passengers
Passagerarcertifikat): 65 gäster