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M/S Bellman

M/S Bellman was built in Flottsund in 1938. She was designed by the famous boat builder C-G Pettersson. After many years of disrepair Bellman was restored and is now, once again, available for charter in Stockholm. Bellman’s carefully thought-out interior design makes her suitable for both small and large parties. In the saloon, up to 24 guests may be served lunch and dinner. We frequently suggest a buffet-style table to our guests, as we are somewhat limited to food preparation on board. On trips which only require snacks and drinks, we are able to comfortably fit up to 60-65 persons on board. Bellman is an “old classic” who will give guests a feeling of taking part in “The real wooden boat experience”.Welcome onboard a trough classic.

Additional Info

Manufactured: 1930
Length / Beam: 18 meter/ 4,2 meter
Draft: 1,4 meter
Speed (cruising): 10 knots
Guests (comfort/max): 60/73
Seated guests in same room (at tables): 24 + 20 aftdeck
Passenger certificate: 73